Thursday, 21 June 2012

Nail Polish Collection

I had a (rather depressing) clearout of all my makeup. Throwing out old foundations, dried up mascaras, nail polishes gone so dry no nail polish remover could save them and the like. After doing this I've realised that I'm down to twelve nail polishes, three clear top/base coats and two nail effect polishes. Serious splurge is needed! As I'll be reviewing all the polishes I buy in the next few weeks I thought I'd start off by showing you my current nail polish collection!

With flash  

Without flash
On nails
Without and with flash
[L-R Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Show Off; Barry M in Block Orange; Barry M in Acid Yellow; Barry M in Bright Red; Barry M in Navy]


Without and with Flash
[L-R Natural Collection Topaz; Rimmel London I love lasting finish in Your Majesty; Revlon Dreamer; Revlon Facets of Fuchsia; Nameless polish from a Boots giftset]
I also have an Oriflame Nail Hardener in clear; Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener; three nameless polishes from a Boots giftset in shimmery fushcia pink, shimmery purple and hot pink; NYC Long Wear Nail Enamel in Clear; No7 So Strong nail care in Clear; Barry M Instant Nail Effects in black.

I was thinking of doing a review on my best and worst nail polishes? If you're interested, let me know in the comments below! xx

Style from Scratch | DIY Makeup Storage

Welcome to "Style from Scratch"! This is my new series of tutorials and ideas for how you can create beauty products, storage ideas, and anything beauty related for next to no cost. Read on to find out how to create your own DIY Makeup Storage!

I've always had problems deciding how to store my make up. After a recent clear-out of all my old products, my collection has somewhat depleted and I'm not keen on spending lots of money on things such as makeup storage when I could be spending it on new products. I therefore decided to make a low-cost collection of makeup drawers from products I had in my house.

You will need:
  • 1 or 2 shoeboxes
  • 2 or 3 shoebox lids
  • Scissors
  • Glue (I like Pritt X as it is stronger than typical Pritt Stick)
  • Ruler
  • Masking tape
  • Sellotape
  • Pencils & Pens
  • Superglue (optional)
  • Ribbons (optional)
  • Photos (optional)
  1.  Take the shoebox you want to use as the main skeleton of your drawers. Measure the depth, width and height of your box (see fig 1)
  2. Take a shoebox lid and trim it so it is the same width as your box. Keep all the off-cuts, you will use them later (see fig 2 & 3)
  3. Take the off-cut and re-attach it onto the edge of the lid as the 'fourth wall' using masking tape (see fig 4)
  4. The lid will now slot snugly into the main box (fig 5). Mark how deep you want the lid/shelf to be using a pencil and trim it to fit. Repeat step 3 to make the 'fourth wall' of your box. Your first shelf is now complete (fig 6)
  5. Repeat these steps to make the remainder of your drawers. If you want to make a wider drawer, just tape extra pieces of card onto the top of the standard size drawer. Don't worry about the masking tape looking 'messy' as it will be covered over later.
  6. Whenever you are down to your last drawer, measure how wide it needs to be (see fig 7) and make a drawer to fit.
  7. Voilà! Your chest of drawers is complete!
And here are some pictures of my finished drawers:
Front view

I collaged my drawers and superglue-d on some bows.

Rachael x
Hello everybody!

Well, this is going to be my first ever blog post! I can't wait to jump onto the beauty blogging bandwagon, and have a few ideas for upcoming posts - so keep an eye out for them. I thought I'd best start off with a quick introduction before I post my first tutorial on this account, just to keep you in suspense, of course.

Name: Rachael
Age: 16
Starsign: I don't really follow all this 'your future is in the stars' grubbins, but after having a quick google it appears that they've changed all the dates due to the "precession of the poles". So now I've decided to think of myself as a Virgo/Leo hybrid. A lion goddess - very likely.
Relationship Status: In a relationship. 
Dress Size: Size 6/8.
Height: Short. It's a touchy subject.
Shoe Size: Floating between a 4 and a 5. Always just half a size too small for the shoes I want... *sigh*.
Likes: Music, animals, nail polish, make up, beauty, hair, horses, chocolate, nice people.
Dislikes: Smoking, odd socks, brogues (yep, I said it!), high maintenance friendships, snow (go on, shun me), ice, rain, exams, greasy food.

Rachael x